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Introduction about Brazilian customs clearance and payment

Introduction about Brazilian customs clearance and payment

Payment problems
Brazil because of currency controls, payment is relatively too much trouble, in general, buyers can contract to apply for the remittance, the amount of 30% of the value of the remaining 70% must be after the arrival of the goods by the customs broker bill of lading copies (usually for 3 3 pay the bill of lading is one copy) submitted to the Customs and Excise Department to obtain an ID of the NUMBER, then the buyer can submit application for payment under this ID NUMBER whereabouts Bank. Therefore will result in the emergence of a few questions.
   1) after the arrival of the goods at the buyer only can apply for payment, and time is relatively longer, which requires freight forwarding with shipping companies to apply for a longer period of time free heap of all shipping companies in the Brazilian port of destination free heap of all 30 days, the general shipping companies normally 7-15 days.
   2) the ship to the port of destination, and that a copy of the bill of lading must be sent by forwarding the hands of the port of destination, customs brokers, otherwise it will generate at least $ 3,000 more than the late fees.
   3) the domestic seller after receiving your payment the hands of the tri-n-pay bill of lading sent to the guests, the guests by virtue of delivery.
   Customers according to a copy of the single owner direct payments, but for some reason can not be achieved, not repeat them here

Brazil, the payment time is generally 7 days, but if to pay additional costs can be credited into account within three days, but note that Brazil's banks are not normally paid to the following two places: Singapore and Hong Kong. This is important to note that payment to the Chinese domestic.

Bill of lading, customs clearance problems
Cumbersome in Brazil, on the freight bill of lading, bill of lading must play above the amount of freight, other routes, but also on the bill of lading can not change any words, even affixed to change the chapter nor can. Given that this is our current practice is to place some of the bill of lading in Brazil's customs broker, customs broker found prior to submission to the customs in time to change but can not make any changes submitted to Customs. At this time if the need for customs change, you must pay an additional fee, this fee that depends on the mood of the Brazilian customs comrades.

Sailing the problem
Shipping schedules can be found directly from the shipping company's website above, but must be timely follow up by forwarding more ports of call, South America, sailing, often suffer from various problems, we the recent csav there is a payment gateway water boats because there is no dock Argentina cause goods to advance Hong Kong, originally scheduled for March 5 to Hong Kong ship actually to Hong Kong on the 24th, then the copy of bill of lading not yet reached the Da Baxi case will result in a high late fees.

 Freight issues, I suggest that as far as possible to pay directly to the destination agent charged by freight forwarders, thus reducing the clearance and produce a lot of trouble

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